Document Scanning for Businesses


Save the world, and seave money. Document scanning helps your company be more environmentally friendly.


Document scanning helps your company to move to working in the cloud by moving documents online.


Security is essential. Document scanning helps your company keep confidential documents secure.


Don't let the competition steal a march on you. Document scanning helps to improve efficiency.

Enabling Business To Move Forward

Document scanning simply takes paper documents and turns them into an precise digital replica

It helps businesses move forwards from the 20th century world of printers, copies and faxes into the 21st century world of pervasive availability of information. It is the bridge between old technology and new.

Document scanning, which turns legacy paper documents into digitised equivalents, means businesses can make the leap forward into the digital future, without leaving anything behind. It stops legacy documents from being a roadblock to progress, and so opens the door to :

  • sharing information in the cloud
  • flexible hours and working from home
  • document security
  • business continuity
  • fine-grain control of access to information


An archive of paper documents can be a a valuable source of information, but also a millstone round the neck of a business. All of the tools used to increase office efficicency rely on digital information. Paper documetns stop them beingused effectively.

Document Scanning Suppliers

The big document management companies offer document scanning as part of their portfolio : Iron Mountain is one of the biggest. it's acquisiton of recal lHoldings for $2 billion in May 2016 helped entrench it's position of dominating the market,

Many companies prefer to use a smaller company with a sharper focus on scanning. If you are based in or near London, then RPJ Document Scanning are worth a look.



  • 21 Sep 2016

    It's what your customers want.

    A forum discussion on RCR Wireless discusses why the msot important people in your business want you to invest in scanning. The people are, of course, the customers. They want you to invest so that you can give them a better custoemr experience : faster and more reliable.

  • 20 Sep 2016

    The missing link in Big Data

    We are jsut beginning to see the pospects for better business decision making of Big Data : the combination of large, fast databases with smart analytics and AI.

    The principle is simple : more data, means better decisions. The missing link in this is the business information that's not in the database : the paper records. For example, a high percentage of invoicing is still paper based : that needs to be captures.

    Document canning is, of course, the way to fix the missing link.

  • 10 Sep 2016

    Why paper still rules the enterpise

    A study conducted in Australia shows that much business is still done on paper via printers, scanners and other office equipment. The study contends that it's a good thing: we think they should invest in document scanning.

    The articla appeared in CIO magazine.

  • 23 Aug 2016

    Internet of Things for document scanners

    The Internet of Things (IoT) aims to make it easy for users to cnnect from any device to any device. Kodak are working to acheive this for their document scanners, by using Google's IoT support frameworks.

    They are working to enable the TWAIN Direct protocol for IoT using Google's Weave platform. More details in this news story.

  • 23 Jan 2016

    Scanners and software get closer

    Scanners need image processign and text recognition software, and that software needs scanners. The interface between the two has for years been defined by the TWAIN protocal. TWAIN predates USBs, WiFi ad the web, so has stood the test of time.

    It now has a succesor that recognises theat connectivity will not be physical, but virtual, over a network. The new protocol is TWAIN direct. It supports network communication between mobile and desktop applications and document scanning devices, including cloud platforms. There' more about it here.

  • 21 Jan 2014

    How To Be An Award Winning Hospital

    Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has won public sector project of the year in the Computer Weekly European User Awards for Enterprise Software.

    The Trust has stopped using paper health records and installed an electronic document management system to provide doctors with electronic medical records.

    Aintree has gained a whole floor of additional space in a new £45 million building..

    The project took 15 months and was completed on budget.



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